Keystone provides its customers, three development scenarios:
  • Local / In-house,
  • Remote / Offshore
  • A Customized blend

Key Benefits The Keystone AdvantageBusiness ModelManagement Tools


Key Benefits

  • Turnkey solution (Immediate return on investment)
  • Cost controlled development environment
  • Ability to rapidly scale resources to meet project demands
  • Off-Shore time zone coincides with current business day

The Keystone Advantage

Value: We add value through our local Quality Assurance Team.
Our QA Team is made up of senior level consultants who are experts in project management, development, integration, testing, and deployment. Our objective is to ensure the quality of deliverables, reduce business risk and manage all aspects of the project life cycle.

Stability: Our Offshore solutions located in Brazil, provide a level of geographic stability exceeding that of: South Asia, Russia or the Middle East.

Project life cycle: Keystone's project life-cycle methodology includes flexible guidelines, techniques and real world examples, which enable our Team to identify, understand and create solutions to achieve results and overcome challenges. With the growing demand for offshore services, it is necessary to have a good communication infrastructure.

Regional Stability: The benefits of this geographical choice are immediately apparent:

  • Time zone compatibility – EST plus 2 hours. (3hrs off daylight savings)
  • Brazilian culture parallels that of the U.S.
  • Stability in this region of the world has a 100+-year history.
  • Technological educational programs are foremost at the University level.

The budgetary savings associated with using remote software development and services is only part of the picture. Couple this savings with our ability to deliver complex results on short timetables makes the justification process easy. Keystone’s value added solutions simplify and enhance our customer’s experience with, and access to, remote development resources.

Business Model

Customer comes straight to Keystone – We use our internal development team identify the best solution.

The process begins by defining a statement of work to identify workload, cost, milestones, and user expectations. Customers are assigned a dedicated Project Manger who will be responsible for complete project lifecycle.

Management Tools

We track and convey project information through Microsoft Project management tools.